Top 10 Reasons to Join the AAPA


The AAPA hosts several events throughout the year that provide excellent opportunities to become acquainted with others in the asphalt industry. These events include the Quality Conference in January and the Annual Convention in April.


Our quarterly magazine is read by over 1200 people from all areas of the state and even the country. Our mailing list includes people from many different professions, such as: Arkansas legislators; ARDOT employees; local engineering firms; other state asphalt pavement associations; and many more. Place an advertisement in our magazine, and your company’s name will be seen!


Without government dollars, asphalt jobs will dry up. Our association lobbies with Arkansas legislators and government officials to create more jobs for our industry. More government money = more jobs = more asphalt production.


We provide ways for you to reach out to other members, the most important of which is our yearly membership directory. We also provide links to other websites with educational materials and job opportunities.


The calendar on our website and in our quarterly magazine is up to date with all of the most important events for our industry, such as ARDOT bid lettings, NAPA and SAPA meetings, highway commission meetings, and (of course) AAPA events. In order to keep our members informed, we send out reminder emails before all of our events and deadlines.


One of the biggest concerns for our industry is safety. The AAPA is committed to safety, and we want to share as much information on it as we can, whether it’s through the APA’s infographics or through a short safety education session. We want all of our members and their employees to make it home safely each night.


Over the years, our Quality Conference has grown to include two tracks of study – the regular track, and the Paving Ops 101 track. Each track provides essential information on the latest and best practices within the asphalt industry. The Conference also provides between 6 and 10 Professional Development Hours. Starting this year, we are planning on providing more educational opportunities, particularly for our Young Leaders.


Not only do we represent the asphalt industry before the Arkansas government – we represent the Arkansas asphalt industry before the country. As members of the National Asphalt Pavement Association, State Asphalt Pavement Association, and the Asphalt Institute, we make connections with our counterparts all across the U.S.A. We learn from them and teach them, and together we strive to grow the asphalt industry nationwide.


In 2012, the AAPA signed a partnering agreement with ARDOT. This means that we are able to work together to promote research, communication, and education.


As a unified body of asphalt industry members, we can do much more for our business than we could individually. We can learn together, grow together, and change together.