Paving Awards

Submissions are now open for the 2021 Paving Awards & Unique/Commercial Awards.

Deadline: February 8, 2021


For the Quality Asphalt Paving Award forms, click here.

For the Unique/Commercial Award forms, click here.

To see a regional map of Arkansas, click here.

The yearly Paving Awards are a great chance for your company to get recognition for excellent paving jobs.

There are 6 categories of entry:

  • Multi-Lane
  • Two-Lane Highway – ADT Greater than 2000
  • Two-Lane Highway – ADT Less than 2000
  • State Aid Roads – County
  • State Aid Roads – City
  • Pavement Preservation

One winner is chosen for each category in each region, meaning a possible total of 30 winners.

Each spring, a committee meets to go over all the forms and select the winners. There is also one Statewide winner for each category. Statewide winners are announced at the Annual Convention in April. Regional winners are honored at luncheons during late April and early June.

In addition to the Regional Paving Awards, the AAPA offers Unique/Commercial awards. Winners will be honored at the regional luncheons.

*Due to restrictions surrounding COVID-19, regional lunches may not be held in 2021*

Check out the photos below of the 2019 regional luncheons!